Red set go

Hey beautiful people 😘❤️❤️

Sitting in a coffee shop and writing this blog makes me realise that how much I love being around people. Seeing them laughing and talking while sipping a cup of coffee ☕️ so blissful. I use to be antisocial at once but as am growing older I like being with people and seriously it just refresh my senses and left no room for negative thoughts. You should also try when ever you feel sad or depressed for what ever reasons just go out and analyse people it will distract you and instantly change your mood. Now talking about my outfit. I chose to wear a bright red skater dress. Which I felt was a perfect outfit for a coffee date. It was casual, comfortable and cute at the same time. I got this dress from super dry and paired it with white sneakers and handbag both from Carlton London.

src=”” class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-1316″ height=”3344″ width=”2508″>Dress: Superdry, Footwear: Carlton London & Handbag: Carlton LondonDress: Superdry , Footwear: Carlton London and Handbag: Carlton London

You can style this outfit further by throwing on a jacket or to make it more glam you can wear a nice pair of heels. I hope you liked this blog. Will be back very soon. Till then lots of love 💕💕😘😘 xoxo

For more style tips you can follow me on Instagram my handle is Glittermeupwithlove


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