Makeup essentials for college

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I still remember when I was a little kid I was so eager to go to college. Cause I use to think that college is fun , you don’t have to wear uniform, no strict rules, you can wear makeup( lol). All thanks to KJo movies like KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI, KABHI KHUSHI KABHI GUM.Okay I agree college life is fun indeed and I would say its completely a new life, you meet new people, new friends and have new experiences good or bad both teaches you great life lessons but whatever it is you always want to look your best. And as far as my knowledge is concerned admission mission is in full force. So I thought its the best time to write a blog for all the cute new bee’s and that is 10 MAKEUP ESSENTIAL MUST HAVE. So I have created a list of 10 makeup items which I think you can carry in you makeup bag



    mk ess6

I can’t stop emphasizing people to wear sunscreen. Its really important not just in summers but in winters too. Its not just protect you from tanning and sunburns but also protects you from premature skin aging and other skin diseases. So make sure to wear you sunscreen daily.

  • Lip Balm


mk ess 4  Do you know that your lips skin is thinner than your facial skin and its need more care.So lip balm is a must have and market is flooded with gazillions of lip balm and tinted ones are so popular and can be wear as day time makeup look. And make sure  to look for spf when ever you buy any lip balm cause like facial skin your lips to tend to get pigmented.


mk esse 1

For day time look foundations can look far too thick and cakey which can make you look fake sometime. So prefer wearing bb cream instead and make sure to buy according to your skin type.


mk ess 7

Trust me kajal can do wonder’s and its give you an instant change. Just a single stroke and you are good to go.

  • Concealers

mk ess 8

As we know bb creams are not high in coverage. So you can use concealer to cover any acne marks and any discoloration.

  • Compact

mk ess 10

Compact help your make up stay in place for longer and when ever you feel you are getting oily you can use it around the needed area and make your makeup look fresh but make sure to bloat the oil from the face then you should use a compact.

  • Foundation

mk ess 6

For night time makeup foundation look really good as there going to be lots of parties and events in college like freshers etc. But make sure you look for a foundation that is non comedogenic that means it won’t clog your pores.

  • Lipstick

mk ess 2

Am sure lipstick was the first product you might have stolen from your mother makeup kit and tried it on you…. am I right. Well now you can use it and prefer wearing lighter shade in day time otherwise it will look too loud.


mk esse 5 To give your eyes more definition you can use eyeliner.



mk ess 9

Mascara enhance your lashes by making them more darken, thicken, lengthen. Macara makes eyes look much deeper and more detailed.

So these were the 10 must have makeup essentials. I hope you liked the blog…. 😘 😘🌹


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HEY everyone, I am Nupur Malhotra 26 year old girl living in Ludhiana (Punjab). I am MBA. I know MBA and fashion blogging is pole apart. But I was always in to fashion so I created this space to share my knowledge, experience and love on all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. I am a very happy go lucky person and I love watching Youtube videos and Reading blogs. I was so intrigued by this and I always wanted to start my own blog so here I am with blog page. I hope I will do justice to this..... xoxo

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