I believe that when its comes to fashion and styling very few people are brand conscious and am definitely not one of them. I go for stuff which is very appealing. In simple words am quite versatile when its comes to styling myself. I love dressing up and shopping but high end stores are not always the solution , as those price tags are not wallet friendly. So street market come as a savior. And there are lots of street market where you can find amazing clothes at very economical prices. So last week I went to SEC 15 street market in CHANDIGARH.

It is one of the famous street market and trust me its really an amazing market to shop. From shoes to clothes to hair accessories and even beauty product, there is nothing that you won’t find in this style maze of market. And me being me always a greedy bitch…..lol when its come’s to shopping. I got some amazing stuff from there and thought to share it with you guys . So these are the three looks I put together and I have mentioned the prices as well.




  • Maxi dress : ₹550
  • Bag : ₹400 
  • Sunglasses :₹100
  • Footwear: ₹550 ❤ ❤



  • Denim off the shoulder dress : ₹350
  • Footwear :₹ 550 



  • Cold shoulder top: ₹ 300
  • Bag :₹500
  • Footwear: ₹550

So there are few tips you should keep in mind while shopping in street market:

  • You should keep your bargaining game strong or you can take someone along who is good at it
  • Carry a big bag with you to carry your stuff
  • Carry loose cash and change with you
  • Wear comfy shoes and clothing…….

Hope these tips will help you …… 🙂 🙂 xoxo






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Glitter me up

HEY everyone, I am Nupur Malhotra 26 year old girl living in Ludhiana (Punjab). I am MBA. I know MBA and fashion blogging is pole apart. But I was always in to fashion so I created this space to share my knowledge, experience and love on all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. I am a very happy go lucky person and I love watching Youtube videos and Reading blogs. I was so intrigued by this and I always wanted to start my own blog so here I am with blog page. I hope I will do justice to this..... xoxo

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