Floral Fantasy

Floral maxi : Lifestyle, Coverup shirt: Vero Moda, Footwear: Charles and kieth, Handbag : Da milano.


Hope you all are doing really well. As summer is at its best and in this hot weather if I ask you which printed fabric come to your head ? Right now it would be floral pattern on the brain. Which is not surprising considering florals are perhaps the most soothing and one of the most ubiquitous motif in fashion. Inherently beautiful and available in a million different colors , textures and styles. Most of us likely to have at least one floral dress or shirt hanging in the closet.

flo 2
Floral maxi: Lifestyle, Coverup shirt: Vero Moda, footwear: charles and kieth, Hand bag: Da milano, Sunglasses : Aldo

So I have put together this look which you can try this summer. I am wearing this floral maxi dress from lifestyle with a slit in front and to add little bit edge to the look I teamed up this dress with a cover up shirt from VERO MODA . Footwears are from charles and kieth . This tan handbag is from da milano and these sunglasses are from ALDO.

flo 1
Floral maxi: Lifestyle, Coverup shirt: Vero Moda, Footwear: Charles & keith, Handbag: Da milano, Sunglasses: Aldo
flo 3
Floral maxi: Lifestyle, Coverup shirt: Vero moda, Footwear: Charles&Keith, Handbag: Da milano and sunglasses: Aldo

There are few things you should always keep in mind while choosing floral pattern because a large floral pattern can overwhelm a petite woman. and a miniature pattern on a woman with large frame can look too dainty. Other factors to consider are the placement of the pattern and the contrast of the colors. If the floral is not in a pattern that repeat all over the garment then make sure you look closely which part of the figure is being highlighted by the placement of the print on the body. These were the few tips to always remember…. 🙂 🙂 xoxo


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HEY everyone, I am Nupur Malhotra 26 year old girl living in Ludhiana (Punjab). I am MBA. I know MBA and fashion blogging is pole apart. But I was always in to fashion so I created this space to share my knowledge, experience and love on all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. I am a very happy go lucky person and I love watching Youtube videos and Reading blogs. I was so intrigued by this and I always wanted to start my own blog so here I am with blog page. I hope I will do justice to this..... xoxo

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